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                Special Winter Sports “Lit up” HIT Campus--the Snowball Fight received extensive media attention.

                Updated: 2020/01/06

                Written by: LIU Zhongkui
                Translated by: YU Shuangshuang
                Edited by: William Mosteller
                Date: 12-18

                On December 15, a number of teachers and students staged a “high-level” snowball fight on the tennis court of HIT. The competition has received extensive attention from social media. ChinaDaily SinaBlog, Headlines Today, New Evening News, Sohu, Fast Hands, Tik Tok, and other media have all reported on this beautiful and fun ice and snow sports event.

                The heavy snow made the campus look enchanting, just like a fairy tale world. The snow also added endless fun to the life of teachers and students in HIT. With the blow of a whistle, the well-armed players, who were holding snowballs in their hands, started to run and throw snowballs while moving and dodging quickly. Some players were hit and had to leave bitterly. Other players, faced with the crazy attack, quickly searched for “bunkers” to protect themselves, and looked for snowballs, waiting to launch a counterattack. As the competition went on, the number of players on the field decreased rapidly. In the end, one of the team’s flag was pulled out, indicating that they lost the game. The players on the field were excitedly playing the match, and the audience off the field also made every effort to cheer and shout, forwarding the wonderful videos and pictures of the match to their Wechat friend circles and microblogs.

                In response to General Secretary XI Jinping's call for “300 million people to participate in winter sports”, and carry out the requirement of “Creating the Most Beautiful Winter Campus” in our school, we will promote the in-depth implementation of the “Fitness-For-All” program and “sunshine sports for hundreds of millions of students”. We will encourage all students to go outdoors to participate in winter sports, so as to enrich the winter campus sports culture and build the most beautiful campus in winter. We will fully leverage our regional and staff advantages to strengthen the construction of the characteristic courses of winter sports. We will strive to cultivate students’ interest in ice and snow sports and sports skills, and offer ice and snow characteristic courses such as skating, snow football, and other popular outdoor sports courses to student.


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                Interesting Snowball Fight


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