Harbin Institute of Technology

                "Hello, Harbin" 2019 ASRTU Youth Ice and Snow Carnival Was Held

                Updated: 2020/01/06

                Written by: Office of Global Affairs
                Translated by: DU Yufei
                Edited by: William Mosteller
                Date: 12-10

                (HIT News)From November 29th to December 2nd, "Hello, Harbin" 2019 ASRTU Youth Ice and Snow Carnival was held at HIT. This activity was sponsored by the Association of Sino-Russian Technical Universities (ASRTU for short) and jointly hosted by Harbin Institute of Technology, Ural Federal University, Irkutsk State University of Technology, and Tianjin University of Technology. Young people from China and Russia learned from each other through a series of activities, such as participating in traditional Chinese cultural experience classes and open days of member colleges and universities in ASRTU, so as to enhance and pass on the friendship between China and Russia from generation to generation.

                On the morning of November 30th, teaching staff from the International Education Institute of our school led the students to experience the rich and colorful traditional Chinese culture, painting round fans and making shadow puppets, so that the students of the two countries could feel the charm of Chinese culture during the period. In the afternoon, the 43-member delegation went to the Smart City Big Data Center of Harbin New District for an on-the-spot investigation. In the exhibition area, Chinese and Russian youth watched the city's applications of the Internet of Things, 5G communication, and the improvement and protection of people's livelihood, through which they gained a better understanding of Harbin's achievements in science and technology innovation and the overall development level. After the visit, they came to the Engineering Innovation Practice Center of HIT. In the virtual design and assembly department of the holographic classroom, the students of the two countries used interactive equipment to "assemble" the parts of the products and clearly understood the "details" of the complex equipment. In the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice Training Department, they felt the charm of artificial intelligence by trying to operate robots in a competition.

                On the evening of December 1st, the Sino-Russian Youth Art Delegation and the foreign students of our school showed a wonderful performance for everyone in the auditorium of the main building. The dance "Memories in breeze and rain" brought by the dance team from the Deaf Engineering College of Tianjin University kicked off the 2019 World Hand-in-Hand Art Evening for Foreign Students. This is a dance team composed of 16 deaf girls. By portraying the delicate and gentle women of the Han Dynasty, they incisively and vividly expressed the love, resentment, and sorrow of parting in a misty rain and wind. The dance was magnificent and wonderful. Later, the Art Troupe from Ural Federal University and Irkutsk State University of Technology also brought an audio-visual feast to the audience with passionate dances and beautiful music. The scene was full of emotion and passion.

                It is reported that the ASRTU Youth Ice and Snow Carnival has been held for three consecutive years, aiming at further enhancing the friendship between the youth of the two countries through a series of colorful cultural and scientific innovation activities and contributing ASRTU wisdom and strength to Sino-Russian cultural exchanges in the new era.









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