Harbin Institute of Technology

                Professor Razov Alexander, Head of the Department of Mechanics and Mathematics of Saint-Petersburg State University, was appointed as a visiting professor in HIT

                Updated: 2020/01/06

                Written by: Office of Global Affairs
                Translated by: JI Shujie
                Edited by: William Mosteller
                Date: 12-11

                Recently, a ceremony was held for appointing Professor Razov Alexander, head of the Department of Mechanics and Mathematics of Saint-Petersburg State University, as a visiting professor in our school. XIONG Sihao, our executive deputy secretary of the party committee, awarded the appointment letter to him.

                Razov Alexander said that the two schools have a long history of cooperation in mathematics, and he will work together with his colleagues at Harbin Institute of Technology to speed up the cooperation between the two schools. XIONG Sihao warmly welcomed Professor Razov Alexander on behalf of the school and gave a detailed introduction about the cooperation and communication between our school and Saint-Petersburg State University. He hoped that Professor Razov Alexander could play a role in joining the two schools and promoting the joint training of high-level talents and scientific research between the two sides.

                It is known that Professor Razov Alexander is an internationally renowned solid mechanics expert, head of the Department of Mechanics and Mathematics of Saint-Petersburg State University, and chief researcher of the Elasticity Theory Teaching and Research Section. In 2006, he was elected a member of the Russian Committee on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics. In 2007, he was awarded the medal of "Honorary Employee of Higher Vocational Education in the Russian Federation". In 2010, he won Russia's "Order of Merit" medal. Professor Razov Alexander has published more than 160 academic papers and has 15 technological inventions.

                Relevant leaders from the School of Mathematics, the School of Materials Science and Engineering, and the Department of International Cooperation attended the awarding ceremony.



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