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                2019 Harbin Institute of Technology International Ice and Snow Innovative Design and Construction Competition

                Updated: 2020/01/12

                Wed, Jan 08, 2020

                Eindhoven Leuven Special Prize

                The "2019 Harbin Institute of Technology International Ice and Snow Innovative Design and Construction Competition" was co-organized byHarbin Institute of Technology (HIT) School of Architecture, UArctic-HIT Training Centre, Polar Academy, HIT, and co-sponsored by HIT and the Working Group 21 of the International Association of Shells and Spatial Structures (IASS Working Group21).

                Ice and snow is a unique gift from nature mother to humans living in the cold. The purity and beauty of the ice and snow provide special material resources and dreamy natural landscapes for the harsh life in the snow and ice.

                From 43 competition teams, 7 teams was chosen to attend the final phase of the Competition, which was held from December 16th to 21st, 2019 in HIT, China. The 6 teams were from Cambridge University from the United Kingdom, Kent State University from the United States,University of Lapland from Finland, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Shandong University of Architecture, and Harbin Institute of Technology from China, and a joint team of Eindhoven University of Technology from the Netherlands and Leuven University from Belgium.

                On December 16, 2019, the Opening Ceremony of the final phase of the "2019 Harbin Institute of Technology International Ice and Snow Innovative Design and Construction Competition" was held in the School of Architecture, HIT. The Opening Ceremony was presided over by Prof. Luo Peng, Executive Director of the International Snow and Ice Building Innovation Research Center of School of Architecture, HIT, and Ms. Li Hong of the University of Lapland, Finland. More than 80 team members from the seven teams attended the Open Ceremony. Ms. Liu Xunyi, Director of International Program Office, HIT, Prof. Dong Wei, Deputy Dean of School of Architecture, HIT, Mr. Arno Pronk, Chairman of IASS Working Group 21, Prof. Li Yifan, Direct of the UArctic-HIT Training Centre and Chief Scientist of Polar Academy, HIT, presented welcome speeches at the Open Ceremony.

                From December 16th to 21st, 2019, 7 teams worked together on the campus of HIT to build their dreams. The work of each group is thoughtful and full of new ideas. After a week's efforts, the seven teams introduced their work to the organizing committee, which invited a number of experts and designers in the field of ice and snow to review the seven works and finally made a decision. Eindhoven University of Technology and Leuven University team won the special prize, Harbin Institute of Technology team and Kent State University team won the first prizes, University of Lapland team and Xi'an Jiaotong University team won the second prizes, and Shandong Jianzhu University team and University of Cambridge team won the third prizes.

                The "2019 Harbin Institute of Technology International Ice and Snow Innovative Design and Construction Competition" was completed successfully at the end of 2019, We are all looking forward to more prosperous New Year 2020. Through the activities of the Snow and Ice Design and Construction Competition, we will continue to innovate in the field of snow and ice construction, and work together to deepen mutual friendship.

                In 2020, Harbin will warmly welcome all of you, our new and old friends!


                Harbin Institute 1St Prize

                First prize: Harbin Institute of Technology



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