Harbin Institute of Technology

                New Year's Message in 2020: Writing with Original Aspiration the New Glory of the Next 100 Years

                Updated: 2020/01/13

                Written by: Shang Yankai
                Translated by: Huang Shihui
                Edited by: William Mosteller
                Date: 2020-1-1

                The wheel of time is rolling forward and has completed another year’s journey. The new starting point of the 100-year-old school is quietly unfolding in front of us. Through 2019, the people of Harbin Institute of Technology have stuck to their original aspiration in their unremitting struggle, leaving a deep impression on the long river of history. Looking ahead to 2020, only by continuously inspiring the strength of the original aspiration can Harbin Institute ofTechnology add to the story of the new glory of HIT at home and abroad.


                Standing in the 70-year history of New China and looking back at the development process of Harbin Institute of Technology, generations of HIT people have stuck to their original aspiration in as they have developed alongside the country, nourished their original aspiration in their courage to win the great trust of the Party and the people, practiced their original aspiration in their initiative to adapt to the trend of history and the times, and composed a heroic and progressive movement of Harbin Institute of Technology with unremitting efforts. Adhering to the original aspiration of "HIT will serve the urgent needs of the country", the older generation of Harbin Institute of Technology’s "Eight Hundred Heroes" gathered from all parts of the motherland and gave their best years to the country. Today their spirit has touched Harbin and their story has been told all over China. With the original aspiration of "building the Great Wall of Coastal Defense for the Motherland", Academician Liu Yongtan led the "Radar Tiejun" to win back the State Preeminent Science and Technology Award with 40 years of closed-door cultivation. The titles of "Model of Industry and Credit" and "Most Beautiful Struggler" are well deserved. Holding the original aspiration of "building Chinese stars for a lifetime", alumnus Sun Jiadong dedicated his whole lives to China's space industry. The "Medal of the Republic" is the best reward for his contribution. It is also because tens of thousands of HIT people have always cherished the original aspiration of serving the country, and have always kept in mind General Secretary Xi Jinping's entrustment to "actively link one’s own development with the fate of the country and the nation" when he visited the school in 2009. Only in this way can Harbin Institute of Technology achieve many "China Firsts" and "World Firsts" in different periods of its development. Only in this way can it cultivate a large number of talents needed by the country with the school motto tradition of “rigor and mastery”. Only in this way can it gradually grow into a famous science and technology school and a famous space school at home and abroad in overcoming difficulties and forging ahead.


                "Therefore, do not forget your original aspiration, then you can fulfill your wish." In the past year, HIT people have stuck to their first objectives, running in their respective fields with great effort and making achievements with hard work, so that dreams may come true and history can be filled with achievements. Party building and ideological and political work have been strengthened in a comprehensive way. Education with the theme of "Do not forget your original aspiration, keeping in mind the mission" has been carried out solidly. The education reform of "Three Completes" has continued to deepen. The construction of the talent team has been constantly strengthened. The number of newly elected academicians has been in the forefront, and many countries and provinces have recognized HIT. The solid strength of space and national defense has been once again demonstrated, "one arrow and five stars" cut through the sky, and "the most beautiful picture of the earth and the moon" amazed the world. Basic research has concentrated its efforts, high-level achievements have emerged continuously, and Harbin Institute of Technology has proclaimed its voice on the world academic stage again and again. The scope of the "circle of friends" has been expanding day by day, the Sino-Russian joint campus has been accelerating, and the world influence has been steadily increasing. The beautiful campus has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the ice and snow characteristics have been praised countless times, and the targeted poverty alleviation has achieved tangible results... Through this year, we can confidently say: Harbin Institute of Technology has given wonderful answers to the needs of the Party and the people.

                Every arrival means a new departure. In 2020, we will work with the people of the whole country to accelerate our progress towards the goal of the next 100 years. We will also usher in the historic moment of the centennial of Harbin Institute of Technology. Building a well-off society in a comprehensive way is the Party's initial commitment to the people. "Educating people for the Party and cultivating talents for the country" is the initial mission entrusted to Harbin Institute of Technology by history. The original aspiration is on its shoulders, and Harbin Institute of Technology carries this load along its new journey. Today's world is in a period of unprecedented changes. The Chinese nation is approaching a great rejuvenation as never before. It is necessary for HIT people in the new era to inspire a new attitude in their patriotic dedication, break into a new world, and courageously compete and contribute to a series of national strategies such as assisting space powers, manufacturing powers, and transportation powers. Standing high and looking into the distance, opportunities and challenges coexist in the construction of "double first-class". It is even more necessary for all HIT people to maintain the momentum of great efforts, make further progress, and move towards a higher goal on the basis of realizing the aim of strengthening the school for a century. Youth is the future of the motherland and Harbin Institute of Technology. In the new era, the youth of Harbin Institute of Technology should take the "Eight Hundred Heroes" of the older generation of Harbin Institute of Technology as an example and "take the needs of the country" as their objective. They should take the initiative to work for the masses, to fight for space and national defense, and to go to the places where the motherland needs them most, so that youth can be beautiful because of struggle and life can be brilliant because ofexertion.


                The 100th anniversary is approaching and the future can be expected. Standing at a new starting point, looking at the future, and starting a new journey in the school’s next century, HIT people should be full of lofty sentiments. Let's always keep our first heart in the examination, keep in mind the mission of becoming a powerful country, strengthen the confidence of Harbin Institute of Technology in our common development with the country, and show Harbin Institute of Technology's commitment in our dialogue with the world. Generation after generation, we will give new answers worthy of the times, the country, and the people with outstanding achievements!


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